Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW PA

We help you stop eating compulsively, lose weight and maintain weight loss. 

CEA-HOW PA meetings in PA, WV, Ohio & Virginia!

We are here to help you. CEA-HOW is a free, self-help group.

Can't control your eating?

Neither could we! CEA-HOW PA teaches us how to live our lives without the desire to eat excessively.

No Dues, Fees or Weighing In

All of our help for you is free.
For maybe the best way to lose weight, we invite you to visit our CEA-HOW PA meetings in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Overeating, anorexia bulimia, food addiction and other eating issues can be cured one day at a time. See if our program of healthy eating and healthy thinking is right for you. Helping you in losing weight is part of what we do. Please also consider visiting our Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW World Service site. It's great! ceahow.org

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Please call: 412-225-1664

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Web: www.ceahowpa.org


PMB #165

4017 Washington Road, McMurray, PA 


Compulsive Eaters Anonymous - H.O.W.

It's simple, free and it works. 

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